I am a game designer, game researcher and a writer (poet). Get my latest book The Saree Shop from my shop or https://www.speculativebooks.net/shop-1/the-saree-shop-by-shringi-kumari.

Prior to my research work, I have worked as a game developer and designer in the industry from 2006 to 2016. In this period I have worked across big (EA etc.) and small studios (Wooga etc.) on a number of platforms and gaming genres. I started my career in India and since have travelled between India, Scotland, Germany and am currently based in London. I have an expertise in games on the mobile platform including the F2P model. I keep the focus of my work on clean mechanics, intriguing messaging and fair-robust game models. These days I am working on independent games, latest project being RED.

In my research (PhD) I am currently looking at applying stage magic principles to games. I am particularly keen on understanding uncertainty in games and finding ways to elicit that using principles and techniques from other creative fields.

Poetry and fiction are my most intimate medium of expression and discovery. I recently published my debut poetry collection, The Saree Shop and a short story Garden of Vaginas.